Aerial ISR Engineer

Company Name:
Salary period: Annual
TASC is seeking a qualified Systems Engineering (SE) Subject Matter Expert (SME) with Aerial Layer and Theater Net-Centric Geolocation (TNG) knowledge and experience to provide analysis, engineering services, advice and assistance supporting Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities for the Army Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP) Office . This position will focus on applying systems engineering processes and procedures to current and advanced technologies as they are pursued by TENCAP on behalf of the warfighter. Specifically, the occupant of this position will:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Analyze, develop, and refine user needs and concepts of operations focused on intelligence support and mission command across the full spectrum of military operations to include counter insurgency and coalition operations
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Research, analyze, interpret, and evaluate complex system development, integration, and fielding associated with Aerial Layer ISR and Theater Network data access requirements. Analysis will encompass comprehensive system development, fielding, and operations, and training.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Perform interagency collaboration within the intelligence community (IC) and DoD acquisition Program Offices.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Support milestone/program reviews and prepare necessary requirements and support documentation.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Candidate will perform management support, strategic systems planning, analyze information, review and make recommendations regarding system requirements for workflow, organization and corrective measures. Apply process improvement for system development life-cycle to support designing and evaluating SIGINT systems and operations.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Interface with stakeholders, mission partners, and users in support of programmatic, acquisition and engineering tasks associated with DoDI 5000.02 processes.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Identify stakeholder needs and translate into requirements
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Provide insight and support to TENCAP advance prototype development, testing, and initial operational integration.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Develop technical recommendations, based on Aerial Layer expertise, for Army TENCAP sensor integration efforts onto various fixed-wing and unmanned platforms.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Perform aerial sensor platform integration process oversight, requirements analysis and development
Minimum Qualifications: To be considered for this position, you must minimally meet the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Possess recent (within last 5-years) Army or Joint Intelligence experience
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Deep understanding of systems engineering processes and procedures
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Intelligence Community knowledge and awareness
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Critical thinking skills (both qualitatively and quantitatively)
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Strong verbal and writing communication skills
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Ability to work independently and with a team
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Must have a TS/SCI Security Clearance
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ At least 5 years of intelligence experience.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Bachelor of Science in an engineering discipline
Preferred Qualifications:
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering discipline
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ TS/SCI clearance in the Army Contractor Automated Verification System (ACAVS)
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Army Aerial ISR Experience and its integration into the ISR Community, and PEO Intelligence, Electronic Warfare & Sensors (PEO IEW&S;)
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Familiarity with Aerial sensor integration processes
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Familiarity with airworthiness certification requirements and processes between sensor and platform.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Familiarity with Theater Net-Centric Geolocation element of Airborne Overhead Cooperative Operations (AOCO) and its collaboration between dissimilar national, theater and tactical SIGINT sensors.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Familiarity with the AOCO Joint Interface Control Document (JICD) standard and the Joint Airborne SIGINT Architecture (JASA) Time, Frequency, Navigation and Geodesy (TFNG) requirements.
ΓΆΒ ΒΆ Possess recent (within last 5-years) Army or Joint Intelligence experience supporting Operation New Dawn (OND) or Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) operations

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